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I you miss on activ pill, tak twpills on th day that you mmb. Thn tak on pill p day th st th pack.

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Tak this mdication by mouth as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Pick a tim day that is asy you tmmb, and tak you pill at th sam tim ach day.

Tak on pill vy day, nmthan 24 hous apat. Whn th pills un out, stat a nw pack th ollowing day. You may gt pgnant i you dnot tak on pill daily. Gt you psciption illd byou un out pills compltly.

Ollow th patint instuctions povidd with you mdicin. Ask you doctphamacist i you dnot undstand ths instuctions. Missing a pill incass you isk bcoming pgnant.

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