Therefore, do not take aspirin or other salicylates or drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine , unless you have first checked with your doctor.

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Taking low-dos aspiin isn’t th only way tmaximiz th dug’s bnits whil minimizing its dangs. popl at incasd isk gastointstinal complications, ndick commnds combining any aspiin thapy with a pscibd poton pump inhibit(PPI) such as Pvacid, Pilosc, Nxium.

Popl with a high isk blood clots, stok, and hat attack can us aspiin long-tm in low doss.

I you hav had oal sugy sugy tmov you tonsils in th last 7 days, talk tyou doctabout which typs aspiin a sa you.

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aspirin was the first nsaid to be discovered.

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