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With therapeutically equivalent dosesthe likelihood of occurrence of troublesome side effects is less with methylprednisolone than with prednisolonemoreoverside effects actually have been conspicuously absent during clinical trials with MEDROL Tablets in dogs and catsHowevermethylprednisolone is similar to prednisolone in regard to kinds of side effects and metabolic alterations to be anticipated when treatment is intensive or prolongedIn animal patients with diabetes mellitususe of methylprednisolone may be associated with an increase in the insulin requirementNegative nitrogen balance may occurparticularly in animals that require protracted maintenance therapymeasures to counteract persistent nitrogen loss include a high protein intake and the administration when indicatedof a suitable anabolic agentExcessive loss of potassiumlike excessive retention of sodiumis not likely to be induced by effective maintenance doses of MEDROLHoweverthese effects should be kept in mind and the usual regulatory measures employed as indicatedEcchymotic manifestationswhile not noted during the clinical evaluation in dogs and catsmay occurIf such reactions do occur and are seriousreduction in dosage or discontinuance of methylprednisolone therapy may be indicatedConcurrent use of daily oral supplements of ascorbic acid may be of value in helping to control ecchymotic tendencies.

Musculoskeletal Conditions As with other adrenal steroidsDEPO-MEDROL Sterile Aqueous Suspension has been found useful in alleviating the pain and lameness associated with acute localized arthritic conditions and generalized arthritic conditionsIt has been used successfully to treat rheumatoid arthritistraumatic arthritisosteoarthritisperiostitistendinitissynovitistenosynovitisbursitisand myositis of horsestraumatic arthritisosteoarthritisand generalized arthritic conditions of dogsRemission of musculoskeletal conditions may be permanentor symptoms may recurdepending on the cause and extent of structural degeneration.

Frequency not reportedSuppression of growth in pediatric patientsaseptic necrosis of femoral and humeral headscalcinosisCharcot-like atrophyloss of muscle massmuscle weaknessosteoporosispathologic fracture of long bonespostinjection flaresteroid myopathytendon ruptureparticularly of the Achilles tendonvertebral compression fracturesmyalgiamuscle atrophyosteonecrosisneuropathic arthralgiagrowth retardationRef]

MEDROL Tablets like prednisoloneare contraindicated in animals with arrested tuberculosispeptic ulceracute psychosesand Cushingoid syndromeThe presence of diabetesosteoporosischronic psychotic reactionspredisposition to thrombophlebitishypertensioncongestive heart failurerenal insufficiencyand active tuberculosis necessitates carefully controlled useSome of the above conditions occur only rarely in dogs and cats but should be kept in mind.

Since this drug lacks significant mineralocorticoid activity in usual therapeutic dosesit is not likely to afford asthma inhalers without prescription. adequate support in states of acute adrenocortical insufficiencyFor treatment of the latterthe parent adrenocortical steroidshydrocortisone or cortisoneshould be used.

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