For the entire group of patients enrolled, this comparison was statistically significant in favor of trileptal 60 mg kg day.

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For TRILEPTAL oral suspensionadvise patients to shake the bottle well and prepare the dose immediately afterwards using the oral dosing syringe suppliedInform patients that TRILEPTAL oral suspension can be mixed in a small glass of water just prior to administration oralternativelymay be swallowed directly from the syringeInstruct patients to discard any unused TRILEPTAL oral suspension after 7 weeks of first opening the bottlesee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION and HOW SUPPLIEDStorage and Handling

Are there any other medical conditions that would make someone ineligible for Trileptal therapyTalk to your doctor about other medical conditions before you take Trileptalsuch as kidney or liver disease.

Use of TRILEPTAL has been associated with central nervous system-related adverse reactionsThe most significant of these can be classified into 3 general categories1cognitive symptoms including psychomotor slowingdifficulty with concentrationand speech or language problems2somnolence or fatigueand 3coordination abnormalitiesincluding ataxia and gait disturbances.

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