Dose titration for all patients taking renagel.

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Information about Renagel.

Table 2. Starting Dose for Dialysis Patients Switching From Calcium Acetate to Renagel.

What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking sevelamer (Renagel.Renvela)?

The safety and efficacy of Renagel has not been established purchase renagel phosphate pediatric patients.

Do not use Renvela or Renagel if you have a history of bowel obstruction or if you are allergic to sevelamer carbonate or sevelamer hydrochloride or to any of the ingredients in Renvela or Renagel. Talk to your doctor if you have had difficulty swallowing or swallowing disorders. or if you have had digestive tract surgery or other digestive disorders.including severe constipation. The most common side effects with sevelamer include vomiting.nausea.diarrhea.upset stomach.abdominal pain.flatulence.and constipation. Cases of itching.rash.fecal impaction and.less commonly.slow bowel activity.bowel obstruction.and bowel perforation have been reported. Uncommon cases of difficulty swallowing the Renagel or Renvela tablet have been reported. Talk to your doctor if you have difficulty swallowing medicines in tablet form. Purchase renagel phosphate powder for oral suspension may be considered by your doctor purchase renagel phosphate you have a history of difficulty swallowing. Your doctor should monitor bicarbonate and chloride blood levels. Reduced vitamins D.E.and K (clotting factors) and folic acid blood levels may be followed by your doctor. Talk to your doctor when taking sevelamer with other medications. Promptly contact your doctor if you experience severe abdominal or worsening constipation.or other severe intestinal symptoms while on sevelamer. Take sevelamer with meals and adhere to your prescribed diet.

What is the most important information I should know about sevelamer (Renagel.Renvela)?

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