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The risk of myopathy during treatment with statins is increased with concurrent administration of fibric acid derivatives.lipid-modifying doses of niacin.cyclosporine.or strong CYP 3A4 inhibitors (e.g..clarithromycin.HIV protease inhibitors.and itraconazole).

Pregnant or planning for pregnancy.breast feeding Diabetes Liver disease compounding flagyl cream. Lung disease Muscle disorder Alcohol addiction.

You will require immediate medical order atorlip f and possibly treatment if you suffer from severe fatigue.problems related to your memory function.dark discoloration of urine.low energy levels.bruising or any other severe adverse events which have not been referenced here.

Statins interfere with cholesterol synthesis and theoretically might blunt adrenal and/or gonadal steroid production. Clinical studies have shown that atorvastatin does not reduce basal plasma cortisol concentration or impair adrenal reserve. The effects of statins on male fertility have not been studied in adequate numbers of patients. The effects.if any.on the pituitary-order atorlip f axis in premenopausal women are unknown. Caution should be exercised if a statin is administered concomitantly with drugs that may decrease the levels or activity of endogenous steroid hormones.such as ketoconazole.spironolactone and cimetidine.

Atorvastatin therapy should be temporarily withheld or discontinued in any patient with an acute.serious condition suggestive of a myopathy or having a risk factor predisposing to the development of renal failure secondary to rhabdomyolysis (e.g..severe acute infection.hypotension.major surgery.trauma.severe metabolic.endocrine and electrolyte disorders.and uncontrolled seizures).

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in oral gavage embryo-fetal development studies of atorlip-ez ezetimibe conducted in rats and rabbits during organogenesis, there was no evidence of embryolethal effects at the doses tested 250, 500, 1000 mg kg day .

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