Lord visnu likes garland of tulasi leaves.

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Information about Tulasi.

The supporting cast including Tabla Nani.Ramesh Bhat.Kuri Pratap.and a whole lot of visually impaired persons also stand out. They balance the film without overshadowing the two lead actors.

How to Consume? Consume it raw.plucked fresh from the plant.add it in your tea or make kadha out of it. How much tulasi from the conventional ways of consuming the humble.holy basil.you can experiment with it in your cooking and render an exquisite.earthy.aromatic flavour to your preparations. To begin with.we bring to you one of the most basic and widely loved delicacies prepared using tulsi leaves.How much tulasi cough and cold.

7. It is also beneficial in treating respiratory ailments like chronic bronchitis.asthma et cetera.

Sankhacuda spent the night with Tulasi in the temple of gems.which was lit by diamond lamps. They rested on a nicely decorated bed that was strewn with flowers and anointed with sandal paste. Then Tulasi.who had not eaten any food how much tulasi thus looked thin.became overwhelmed with grief and began weeping. The king.who knew the truth about life.clasped her to his chest and again appeased her in various ways. The spiritual instructions he had received in Bhandira forest from Lord Krsna.which were capable of destroying all sorrows and delusions.he now carefully conveyed to Tulasi. Upon receiving them.her joy knew no bounds.for she realized that everything in this world is temporary. She and her husband then spent the remainder of the night in loving exchanges.

Seasonal cold Recurrent respiratory infections Chronic obstructive lung diseases.asthma and bronchitis (as a supportive therapy)

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vyasa continued, even brahma cannot completely explain the greatness of tulasi.

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