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There are no as such symptoms of pain as pain itself is a symptom of an underlying condition.

Stiff back Loss of weight Difficulty in urinating Sciatica.characterized by pain in the hips.legs and thighs. This occurs due to a compression in a slip or intervertebral disc in the back.which leads to a pinched nerve. Numbness in legs.

Diarrhoea Abdominal Pain Nausea Vomiting Dizziness Rashes Feeling of Sickness Liver Toxicity Allergic Reactions Constipation Stuffy Nose Bleeding Nose.

Diclofenac sodium (a derivative of Diclofenac) is reported as an ingredient of Voveran in the following countries.

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These are the serious symptoms which should be immediately taken care of and we should seek the help of the doctor. It is a preventable disease. We should take care of the buy voveran injection testing where we buy voveran injection the buy voveran injection test at initial four to five days.likely to be positive and antibody test after four to five days.is likely to be positive. Platelets are falling after four to five days and remain for the next three to four days and then it automatically starts. Some people require hospitalization as well as the platelet transfusion. The upper limit of the platelet is up to ten to fifteen thousand where we can prevent or avoid the platelet transfusion. But if it is going down lower or there is any sign of bleeding up to forty thousand then we have to give the platelet transfusion request.

Do is.we have to take care of not getting stagnant water in coolers or in and around the home. We should take care of using the mosquito repellent.material or the jellies. We can use the net to avoid the mosquito bite. We should intake a lot of water and electrolyte supplements. We should take bed rest for few days. We need to see the doctor as soon as we see the symptoms of dengue buy voveran injection.

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